Enrollment Procedures


Applicant who are admitted to the application and who are entitled to the final registration in the evaluation must be present at the registration site indicated along with the required documents at the registration dates determined by the University.

 Applicants eligible to enrollment

 With the announcement of the application results, our University prepares 'Acceptance Letter' for the applicants and publishes them on the official website. Acceptance Letters are sent electronically to applicants.

 Required documents

1) The original document of the 'Secondary Education Certificate';

2) Diploma Equivalent Certificate

    (In order to be able to process the Certificate of Equivalence, the diplomate must have an apostille seal)

3) Notation by Class (Transcript of Every Year and Translation in Turkish)

4) Original, notarized Turkish translation of the passport

5) The article about the "Residence Permit" letter or the "Residence Permit Application" taken from the Provincial Directorate of Migration Administration,

6) 2 photos,

7) Application Form

8) The bank receipt for the payment of the fee for the subject department,

 It is obligatory that applicant must be in the enrollment place. Certain legal process shall be applied to those who deliver fake documents from applicants at the time of application or registration. It is not possible to register strictly with a past Residence Permit.

 The middle grade grade average you indicated at the time of application must be your exact grade (correct) with your graduation.

 If your program is settled with a false statement, your registration / registration will be canceled if there is a discrepancy between your documents and your statement at the time of registration or afterwards

Applicants who perform the registration process must go to the Provincial Directorate of Immigration with the document to be arranged immediately after the enrollment by the University and make residence procedures so that they can reside in Turkey. For more information, see 'Residence Page'.

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